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Signs You Need to Hire a Vent Cleaning Service

There are many different types of vents in your home. There are vents that allow the hot air from a dryer to escape, there are vents in your bathroom that help to control smells and moisture, and there are vents in your home that allow heated or cooled air from your heating and cooling system to enter your home. Your vents need to be routinely cleaned. However, many people have no idea what the signs are that their vents are in need of professional vent cleaning services. Here are a few of the signs that it may be time to hire a vent cleaning service for your home

You Can See Dust and Grime Building Up on the Vent

One of the most common signs that indicates you need to have vent cleaning in your home is seeing dust, dirt and grime buildup on the vent. In many cases, the dirt, dust and grime can be so thick that you can see it is impeding the flow of air into or out of your home. While cleaning by hand can remove some debris, it typically cannot remove enough, which is why professional cleaning is needed.

You See Dust Flying Every Time the Vent Is In Use

If you use your vents and you notice dust is flying out of the vent when the vent is in use, that is another key indicator that vent cleaning is needed. A professional can clean deep into the vent, removing the build-up of dirt and dust that is blowing out of the vent when it is in use.

You Can See a Birds Nest in the Vent

Typically, vents need to be cleaned simply because dirt and dust accumulates on them. But, in some cases, birds can leave behind debris that can clog the vent. Some birds build a bird's nest in the bathroom fan vent, which needs to be removed to ensure it does not block the flow of air into the vent. And even if there is not a bird nest in the bathroom fan vent, you may hear birds in dryer vent or see signs that birds in dryer vent previously, such as their feces. If you see birds or their nests in any of your vents, it is time to have the vents cleaned.

Here at SOS VENTILATION AB, we offer vent cleaning service for all of the vents in your home. Whether your dryer vents need to be cleaned or the exhaust vents in your bathroom are accumulating grime, we can help you get the as clean as possible. Give us a phone call at your earliest convenience to book an appointment.

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