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Unfortunately some clients are not aware of the fact they don't have a cleanable dryer vent duct. In the area's we service we have found and replaced multiple white Vinyl and other plastic materials not suitable for dryer duct venting, these are fire hazards ! Any cleaning tools passed inside these materials would shred it as plastic along with being flammable becomes extremely brittle. Any attempt made at cleaning these types of material will rip or tear them apart. If your dryer vents exhaust is ripped or disconnected it might start working better for a short period of time but that's when problems really start, creating a mold factory inside your walls.
Some probable future clients reluctantly exclaim my clothes dryer exhaust has never been cleaned and its working fine, it's probably disconnected inside your wall ? A new Dryer Duct & Dryer Vent Duct Installation will be required.

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