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The Differences Between Dryer Duct Cleaning Service, Commercial Duct Cleaning Service and Dryer Exhaust Vent Cleaning

Many people use the terms dryer duct cleaning service, commercial duct cleaning and dryer exhaust vent cleaning interchangeably. However, each of these terms is different and represents a different type of cleaning service that professional vent cleaning companies offer. Here is a little bit more information about each of these services and how each of these services differs from each other.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial dryer duct cleaning refers to the process of cleaning dryer ducts in a commercial building. This may include air ventilation ducts or dryer vents and ducts. Commercial buildings may refer to a commercial office building, an apartment building or a condo building. You need a commercial dryer duct cleaning company for these types of services as the ducts in a commercial building are different than the ducts in a residential building. As such, you need someone who has the experience properly cleaning these types of vent systems.

Dryer Duct Cleaning Service

Another type of service is a dryer duct cleaning service. Behind your dryer, is a duct system that carries the hot air, vapour and lint from your dryer outside to the vent, where they all can be released. This helps to reduce the amount of heat your dryer produces inside your home and also helps to vent the hot air, vapour, and lint so it does not cause fires. The dryer duct needs to be cleaned to remove wet lint and debris that can build up in the duct and allow air and vapour flowing through them as it should.

Dryer Exhaust Vent Cleaning

A dryer exhaust vent cleaning service is typically done at the same time a dryer duct cleaning service is completed. This is because the vent is connected to the ducts. The vent is where the ducts carry the hot air, vapour, lint, and carbon monoxide from gas dryers so it can be vented outside. Just like the ducts can fill with debris, the vents can also fill with lint and other debris. Outside debris, such as leaves and sticks, can also accumulate in the vent or be brought in by pests, so cleaning helps to remove this debris as well.

Commercial duct cleaning, dryer duct cleaning service and dryer exhaust vent cleaning are all independent services, though they may be offered at the same time, depending on what your needs are. Here at SOS VENTILATION AB, we offer each of these services. Whether you need one of these services or you need all of these services, we can help you. Reach out to our company to ask any questions you may have or to book an appointment to let us get to work cleaning your vents.

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