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Why You Should Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

Updated: Feb 14

Let's face it, very few people get excited about cleaning their dryer vent. It could even hold the number one slot of the least favorite things to do in many households. However, you could be inviting danger to your home by neglecting this chore. Many people probably don't know this, but excess lint in a dryer vent could cause serious fire, not to mention what the vent clogs and debris could do to your home and health.

This is why you need to clean that dryer vent!

Fortunately, you do not have to do this unexciting chore yourself. You can seek professional dryer vent cleaning services and enjoy numerous benefits such as prolonged machine life, enhanced safety, and lower electricity bills.

Here are the benefits of getting your dryer vent cleaned in detail:

Preserves clothing

Think about it: when your dryer has to overwork because of clog and debris, it destroys your clothing. While some clothes are designed to withstand elements, an overworked dryer is unlikely to spare even the fabrics' toughest.

With a clean dryer, your clothes remain in perfect condition for years to come.

Eliminates dryer fires

As mentioned above, dryer fires are a reality in America. Actually, there are over 2, 800 dryer vent related fires every year, and people will still wonder why the fires are happening.

The dry lint combined with the heat causes uncountable fires and will continue to do unless those dryers are kept clean.

Enhanced efficiency

This is not a stretch: a clean dryer does enhance your dryer's efficiency.

This is because the clogs that cause blockages are removed. A well-working dyer can safely release the heat and gasses out of the house, while a clogged one will keep the air inside moist and warm.

Damp or not properly dried clothes are signs of a clogged dryer and a sign that it's time to get it cleaned!

Save energy, save money

A clogged dryer is an overworked dryer and consumes more energy. Your escalating electricity bills will reflect this. The accumulated clog in the dryer will cause it to become less functional or even stop working altogether.

Why spend so much on energy bills when you can have the dyer cleaned out?

No more health issues

The growth of allergens can cause structural and health issues in every home. The moisture build-up is one cause of allergens, and your dryer vent could be the pulpit. When you have a clogged vent, moisture could condense around it.

Hence, it would be a great idea to check on it and see if the vents are leaky as this causes allergens and pollutants.

In addition, your dryer should eliminate moisture during the drying cycle, or else your clothes will remain damp, which can produce allergens.

Carbon monoxide is the worst!

Lint build-up in your dryer vent prevents your dryer from disposing of the harmful gases. Carbon monoxide has no smell, taste, or color; hence difficult to detect. Your dryer could expose you to carbon monoxide poisoning, and this is why it's crucial to clean your dryer regularly. Reach out to SOS Ventilation AB today and get your vents working for you! #Ventilation #Alberta #HVAC #DYI #HomeRepairs #HomeSweetHome

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