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Perry the Pigeon: The Dryer Duct Story that Never Happens

Here is the unlikely story of Perry the pigeon who makes a home in a family’s dryer vent. Filled with suspense and gut-wrenching action, it’s exactly what DOESN’T happen when you find a bird in your dryer vent.

bird nest in dryer vent

Perry the pigeon was unlike any other bird in the neighborhood. He was plump, had a quirky personality, and was always up for a good time. He had a special fondness for dryers, and every time he heard one running, he would come flying to investigate.

One day, as Perry was exploring the neighborhood, he stumbled upon a dryer vent that caught his attention. The warm air that was coming out of the vent was just too irresistible, and Perry decided to take a closer look.

The Dryer Duct: A Perfect Home for a Bird’s Nest

A.K.A.: what would never happen if you had a bird in your dryer duct

As he peered into the vent, he was surprised to find that it was the perfect size for him to squeeze into. He jumped in, and before he knew it, he was inside the dryer itself.

The warm, cozy interior of the dryer was a welcome refuge from the cold winter weather. Perry was so pleased with his new discovery that he decided to make the dryer his permanent home.

Days turned into weeks, and Perry settled into his new abode. He was happy and content, and the people who lived in the house were happy to have him around. They enjoyed watching him through the dryer vent, and would often leave bits of bread and seeds for him to enjoy.

One day, as Perry was snuggled up inside the dryer, he heard a loud noise. It was the sound of the dryer door being slammed shut. Perry's heart sank as he realized that he was trapped inside.

He tried to fly out of the dryer, but it was no use. He was stuck. Perry started to panic, and he began to peck at the dryer door in a desperate attempt to escape.

If your Dryer is Chirpin’, You May Have Perry the Pigeon in your Dryer Vent

No, you’re dryer shouldn’t sound like there’s a bird in it

Just then, the people who lived in the house heard the commotion. They quickly realized that Perry was stuck inside the dryer, and they sprang into action. They managed to pry open the dryer door, and Perry was finally free.

Overwhelmed by the kindness of the people, Perry decided to stick around. He started to build a nest inside the dryer, and before long, he had a whole family of pigeons living there.

The people who lived in the house were happy to have Perry and his family as their guests. They would often watch as the pigeons flitted in and out of the dryer vent, and they would leave food and water for them to enjoy.

Years went by, and Perry and his family continued to live in the dryer. They became a beloved part of the neighborhood, and everyone who lived there loved to watch them and hear their cooing sounds.

One day, Perry woke up to find that the dryer was no longer running. He was confused and worried, and he started to peck at the dryer door in a desperate attempt to escape.

Just then, the people who lived in the house appeared. They explained that the dryer had broken down, and they were getting a new one. Perry and his family were worried about what would happen to them, but the people promised to take care of them and make sure that they had a new home.

And so, Perry and his family moved into a new dryer, and they continued to live happily ever after. Perry never forgot the kindness of the people who took care of him, and he always remembered the dryer that he had called home for so many years.

Perry the pigeon proved that birds can indeed nest in a dryer.

Isn’t that a sweet story? Don’t you wish THAT was the solution to a bird’s nest in your dryer vent?

It’s sad to say that it’s not, but have no fear! SOS Ventilation is here with kind hands and a warm heart to help your little feathered friends find a new home that ISN’T in your dryer duct.

Give us a call today: we’re here to help!


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