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Dryer Hacks You've Got To Try! | DIY Laundry Hacks

There are a lot of laundry hacks regarding how to wash your clothing and maintain their vibrant colors and textured fabrics—but what happens when your clothes go in the dryer? How can you keep them equally as fresh during their drying cycle?

Best Dryer Hacks

Dryer Hacks You've Got To Try!

Here's a list of 5 dryer hacks that will help keep your clothes dry, crisp, and wrinkle-free.

Can You Use Aluminum Foil Instead of Dryer Sheets?

Indeed, you can!

The typical dryer sheet is made with a thin film that helps reduce static, an occurrence when heated clothing rubs together. They also help give your clothes that cozy, softer feeling and that fresh smell we all learn to love.

The problem is their cost and some even leaving this slimy layer on clothing that can damage the fabric and the color.

Instead, try aluminum foil. Roll 3 1ft pieces of aluminum foil into 3 separate balls, rub them on a surface to smooth them out a bit so as to not have them getting caught in clothing, rinse it off with hot water and dish soap - and throw 'em in the dryer. This helps to reduce static electricity and keep clothes crisp. Plus, it will not leave any grime on your clothing, and it can be reused for 1-2 months, which can save a lot of money on your laundry!

Balls. Tennis balls, that is!

Yes, You Can Use Tennis Balls Instead of Dryer Sheets!

Throw in 1-3 clean, unused tennis balls (depending on the size of the wash).

The balls help keep comforters, jackets, stuffed animals, and other items fluffy and soft. They also help to further prevent static, so they’re especially great for puffy down jackets.

If you’re truly a dryer sheet lover, consider cutting each sheet in half. Half a sheet is proven to have the same effect, but leaves less residue and saves money. BONUS: You now have something to show for when you say you started playing tennis to keep

in shape. Winning!

Can Using a Dry Towel Help Dry My Clothes Faster?

If you have a large load or need to dry a load quickly, throw a dry towel in with the wet load. The dry towel helps to absorb moisture faster than heat alone.

Things You Should Not Put In a Dryer

but you can definitely put them in a salad spinner!

There are some items you shouldn’t throw in the dryer, such as delicates and spandex pants. However, you don’t want these items sitting out, drying for days on end. Instead, spin these items in a salad spinner to remove excess water! This helps them dry significantly faster than hanging alone.

Ok, the next one we thought to be obvious but apparently, it's not, so here's goes nothing:

Dry Faster with a Clean Filter

If your dryer lint filter isn’t clean, your dryer’s motor works slower. Thus, it takes significantly longer to dry clothes and it uses up more energy, increasing that electric or gas bill quickly. Clogged lint filters can also overheat your dryer, creating a fire hazard. Thus, you need to clean your dryer filter free of debris before each and every cycle.

Keep your dryer filter even cleaner by washing it out with warm water and a bit of soap every month. This deep cleans the filter so it’s ready to give your dryer the leg-up it needs to get your clothes dry and crisp!

P.S.: Dryer sheets clog filters faster. Another reason to use aluminum foil! Got cool DYI tricks that actually work? Drop 'em in the comments and you may be featured in one of our blog posts! Until we meet again.

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1 Comment

Apr 07, 2021

OMG so trying the salad spinner. I'm always destroying my stockings! Sure, I could use a pillow case like mum taught me - but a salad spinner seems like so much more fun!

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